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Mukta - Indian Sitar & World Jazz

The Mukta adventure.

The brainchild of Nantes-based bassist and Indian music enthusiast Simon Mary, Mukta was assembled in 1994, with trumpeter Geoffroy Tamisier, drummer Jean Chevalier, and sitarist Brigitte Menon. Mukta (“pearl” in Sanskrit), impressed fans of unusual musical hybrids everywhere with the release of their debut outing in 1999, “Indian Sitar & World Jazz” through Warner Jazz France (the first French act signed to the label). With its sparkling compositions and unusual arrangements, the album was a success in France, as well as in England, Canada, Greece and Israel. Pioneers of “Asian Vibe”, fusing Indian traditional sounds with jazz, Mukta, with their own brand of world music, defy categorisation and have established themselves at the forefront of the postrock Nantes scene, one of the most active musical environments in Europe.
In 2000 the acoustic “Jade” and the electronic “Dancing On One”s Hands” were released simultaneously. Having been joined in the meantime by percussionist Olivier Congar, who favours Cuban batas as much as African congas and sanzas, Mukta spent the next three years touring the world, performing in the Middle East, Africa, Canada and Eastern Europe. The creation in February 2003 of their “Thousand And One Nights” show, saw the expansion of the band with the arrival of new members; flautist Pascal Vandenbulcke and sitarist / singer Michel Guay, who replaces Brigitte Menon.


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Ένα αφιέρωμα στους Σμυρνιού συνθέτες του Ρεμπέτικου μας παρουσιάζει μέσα από τη νέα του κυκλοφορία ο Δημήτρης Μυστακίδης, που παίζει κιθάρα και τραγουδάει ζητώντας όμως τη συνδρομή φίλων και συναδέλφων του. Έτσι στο πλευρό του συναντάμε τον Ευγένιο Βούλγαρη που παίζει ούτι, λύρα πολίτικη, yaili tanbour, bozuk, τον Απόστολο Τσαρδάκα που παίζει βιολί και κανονάκι και την Θεοδώρα Αθανασίου στο μικρόφωνο αλλά και τον μπαγλαμά. Πρόκειται για μια παρέα σπουδαίοι οργανοπαιχτών και ερμηνευτών που πραγματικά σε εντυπωσιάζουν.

Γιατί να με γελάσεις (Κώστας Σκαρβέλης)
Αρμενίτσα (Κώστας Καρίπης)
Ψεύτισε πλέον ο ντουνιάς (Κώστας Ρούκουνας)
Κατινάκι μου για σένα (Κώστας Καρίπης)
Μα τι να κάνω, σ' αγαπώ ( Κώστας Σκαρβέλης)
Καρδιοκλέφτρα (Γιάννης Δραγάτσης)
Γιατί να κάθεσαι να λες (Σπύρος Περιστέρης - Γιώργος Καμβύσης)
Το μάγκικο (Κώστας Καρίπης - Γιώργος Πετροπουλέας)
Γειά σου Λόλα μερακλού (Δημήτρης Μπαρούσης)
Κατάδικος (Γιοβάν Τσαούς)
Μανώλης ο χασικλής (Γιάννης Δραγάτσης)
Χιτζάζ ζεϊμπέκικο (Ανώνυμου)
Ο ξενιτεμένος (Δημήτρης Σέμσης - Ρόζα Εσκενάζυ)
Άσ' τα λόγια (Γιώργος Πετροπουλέας - Π. Σκοπελίτης)
Αψιλίες (Γρηγόρης Ασίκης)
Η Παγκρατιώτισσα (Παναγιώτης Τούντας)
Η πουλημένη στην ξενιτιά (Παναγιώτης Τούντας)
Δώσ' μου πίσω τα λουλούδια (Ανώνυμου)


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Gabor Szabo - The Sorcerer, Live (1967)

Gabor Szabo - The Sorcerer, Live (1967)

1. The Best Goes On (4:52)
2. Little Boat (O Barquinho) (4:23)
3. Lou-ise (4:17)
4. What Is This Thing Called Love (5:15)
5. Space (6:35)
6. Stronger Than Us (4:13)
7. Mizrab (6:58)
8. Comin' Back (1:53)
9. Los Matodoros* (12:09)
10. People* (5:18)
11. Corcovado* (3:22)

* Bonus tracks, issued on LP "More Sorcery"

Gabor Szabo, Jimmy Stewart - Guitars
Louis Kabok - Bass
Marty Morrell - Drums
Hal Gordon - Percussion.


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The Devil's Anvil-Hard Rock From The Middle East-1967

The Devil's Anvil was a hard rock/psychedelic band based out of New York City in the 1960's. They released on album entitled Hard Rock From the Middle East in 1967 showcasing a mix of 60's hard rock and psychedelic sound with Arab vocals and traditional instrumentals.

Their middle-eastern acid-rock was unique and bizarrely modern (it predates the British transglobal-dance bands by about 30 years). The fuzzed-out guitar mingled with oud, bouzouki, tamboura, durbeki.

The Devil's Anvil-Hard Rock From The Middle East-1967
01. Wala Dai
02. Nahna Ou Diab
03. Karkadon
04. Selim Alai
05. Isme
06. Besaha
07. Shisheler
08. Kley( Greek = Crying)
09. Hala Laya
10.Treea Pethya ( Greek=Three children)
11. Misirlou


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Ali Akbar Moradi - Fire of Passion: Kurdish Tanbur Music of Iran (1999)

Teheran based Ali-Akbar Moradi is considered a virtuoso on the tanbur, a plucked string instrument with a pear–shaped belly fashioned from a single piece of mulberry wood. The tanbur has always been considered a sacred instrument associated with the Kurdish Sufi music of Western Iran. Moradi is accompanied by Pejman Hadadi, the finest Irnanian percussionist living in America, who plays the daf, a large frame drum covered with goat skin with rows of metal rings jangling about on the inside. He also plays the tombak, which is similar to a dumbek but made also from solid mulberry wood. Its warm tone complements the rapid strumming and plucking on the banjo-like tanbur. This recording was made during a 1999 U.S. tour and, in a word, these duets are extraordinary. Having performed together only three times previously, Moradi and Hadadi play entirely improvisational Kurdish music on this date, presenting their amazing skills as one triumphant spirit. Together they soar into wild molten riffs, and then return to earth to deppict the sad reality of a people without an independent state of their own.» (William Bloomhuff, Rhythm, May 2001, quoted in SevenEights.com, where you can find also a brief biography of Ali Akbar Moradi)


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Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankulov - Drumboy [2004]

The Unique Bulgarian duet blend
Bulgarian authentic folk with jazz,
ethno and world music. They make the
rind of music one associates with outer
space. The media have dubbed them as
"the shamans of Bulgaria" and "lords
of the elements".
In 2007 BBC and Reuters described their
music as "a portal to other worlds".

Elitsa Todorova sings in the legendary choir
The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices and Cosmic Voices
from Bulgaria. She has graduated a school for
authentic folk singing and has a higher degree in
percussion instruments. In 2003 she teamed up with
the best known Bulgarian drummer and percussionist
Stoyan Yankoulov.
Stoyan Yankoulov had devised a unique set of
percussion instrument. He has played together with
the legendary Bob McFerrin and other world famous
jazzmen. The duo's highly rhythms combined with
Elitsa's magic voice spin together beautiful
ethno-jazz tales.

Stoyan Yankoulov- drums, percussion, tupan, drumboy
Elitsa Todorova- voice, percussion

Music and Arrangement by Stoyan Yankoulov
Featuring: Ivo Papasov- clarinet / 11 /
Theodosii Spassov- kaval / 8 /
Petar Ralchev- accordion / 6 /
Petar Yankulov- voice / 5 /
Recorded, Mixed and Mastering at: Drumboy Studio
Art Direction and Design by Ivo Hristov
Photography by Kalin Ruychev and Ivo Hristov

Natural sounds from the forest in Goren Chiflik
village have been used in this record.


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Cedric Im Brooks* & The Light Of Saba – The Magical Light Of Saba

Cedric Im Brooks is an old boy of the Alpha School in Kingston, Jamaica, alongside alumni like Don Drummond, Johnny Moore and Tommy McCook of The Skatalites, jazzmen Joe Harriott and Harold McNair, and too many other musical giants to mention. He was a member of The Vagabonds, before Jimmy James moved the group to England, and during the sixties toured Caribbean hotels and clubs with various big bands and combos. His own musical horizons — especially the new jazz music — were increasingly distant from these constrained commercial contexts; and he eagerly accepted an invitation to visit a friend in the U.S.

In Philadelphia, Cedric was awe-struck by the music and vibes of the Sun Ra Arkestra. He was on the point of joining the commune when the birth of his second daughter necessitated his return to Jamaica. Amazingly, though rocksteady was in full swing on the island, Cedric took up Ra’s challenge by starting The Mystics, to experiment with free jazz and poetry, African robes and dancers.

During this period, Cedric’s long association with Studio One produced the hit single ‘Money Maker’; and his musical direction of Count Ossie’s Mystic Revelation of Rastafari was commemorated by the classic Grounation triple-LP set, before his frustrations with purely rasta patterns encouraged him to set up The Light of Saba, to go into other aspects of African drumming.

Taking leads from Hugh Masekela and Fela Kuti, the recordings of Cedric Im Brooks and The Light of Saba delineate ‘world music’ way ahead of its time. They offer a blend of African and US, Cuban and other West Indian influences — calypso and funk, rumba and bebop, nyabinghi and disco — magnificently expressed as classic reggae. This compilation is drawn from extremely rare singles and LPs.

'Mystical, uplifting, sensual, difficult. If you like your reggae
deep and dark, with splashes of primitive funk and a real feel for roots, then this is for you' (Record Collector).
'One for those who think they've heard it all' (Mojo).

Playlist :
Lambs Bread Collie
Free Up Black Man
Salt Lane Rock
Nobody's Business
Rasta Lead On Version
Satta Massa Gana
Sly Mongoose
Words Of Wisdom
Jah Light It Right
Ethiopia Tikdem
Song For My Father
Collie Version

μια ακομη καλοκαιρινη προσφορα για αυτους που ζεσταινονται και θελουν να ανεβουν λιγακι!Απο τον Τζαμαικανο σαξοφωνιστα Cedric 'Im' Brooks

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Darker Than Blue: Soul from Jamdown, 1973–1977

Για πρωτη αναρτηση δισκου θα εχουμε μια συλλογη soul-regge απο τη Jamdown ιδανικη πιστευω για τις ζεστες που θα ερθουν.

1 Boris Gardiner Happening Ghetto Funk (3:09)
2 Chosen Few Collie Stuff (2:52)
3 Carl Bradney Slipping Into Darkness (3:06)
4 Ken Boothe Is It Because I'm Black? (3:28)
5 Freddie McGregor Get Involved (3:34)
6 Al Brown A'in't No Love In The Heart Of The City (3:26)
7 In-Crowd Mango Walk (3:22)
8 Ken Boothe Ain't No Sunshine (2:15)
9 Milton Henry Gypsy Woman (3:01)
10 Junior Murvin Give Me Your Love (2:07)
11 John Holt For The Love Of You (3:40)
12 Alton Ellis It's A Shame (2:48)
13 Jimmy London I'm Your Puppet (3:38)
14 Delroy Wilson Get Ready (12"mix) (5:40)
15 Lloyd Charmers Darker Than Blue (2:59)
16 Tinga Stewart Why Can't We Live Together? (Extended) (7:00)
17 Tamlins Baltimore (4:01)
18 Welton Irie Hotter Reggae Music (3:50)


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Καλο ξεκινημα!

Αυτη ειναι η πρωτη αναρτηση που γινετε στο blog και το γενικοτερο κλιμα θα περιλαμβανει μουσικες απο πολλες χωρες και ειδη.Σιγα σιγα βεβαια μεχρι να μαθω πως λειτουργει το πραμα.
Οσονουπω και τα υπολοιπα.